Florida Mother, wife, housekeeper, cook, business owner, “Super Woman” shares how she went from a stressed out, negative thinking person with no free time for herself to enjoy life…to instantly Taking Control of her life and Turning Negativity Into Positivity...and what she did is so turn-key that you can easily duplicate her 3 Easy Steps to instantly SNNAP your own tough situation into Living the Life You REALLY Want to Live that's FUN and filled with purpose and passion!

Have you have ever had so many things going on in your life, felt tired, got overwhelmed and stressed out?

Well, that was me. I was overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out, and never had enough hours in a day. I personally got so overwhelmed that in my mind I actually wished for a freight train to hit me.

I was working 16–18 hour days doing medical transcription, transcribing CD’s for motivational speakers, and developing a computer software program in my “spare time.”

I was judging gymnastic competitions on the weekends, substitute teaching and volunteering at the local high school concession stand. On my free weekends, I was taking my son to tennis tournaments, trying to be a wife, mother, cook and housekeeper as well as helping anyone who needed help. I had given my time to everybody else and lost sight of my goals and dreams.

My daily self talk consisted of things like “I hate my life.” “Why can’t you just say no to people?”

What happens when you fill your mind with negative thoughts? You start to believe them. To help myself out I developed the SNNAP IT program. SNNAP IT spelt with 2 “N’s” stands for Stop Negativity Now and Achieve Positivity Improving Thoughts.

I am happy to say that I found ways to SNAP my negatives into positives and I have more passion, fun and excitement in my life today. Let me share ways with you to SNAP your negatives into positives through my book, my speaking engagements and my SNNAP IT band.


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