Reasons Event Coordinators Love Booking Cindy McLane!

1. Energetic Speaker
Your audience will Laugh, Dance, Clap and Be Inspired by Cindy’s talk and Rap Songs!

2. Cindy’s Message
Cindy tells her story from the heart, mixes enthusiasm and energy with motivational stories to entertain her audiences.

3. Experienced Speaker
Cindy has delivered motivational presentations for events to adults and youth.

4. Author
Cindy is the author of SNNAP IT 50 Ways to Stop Negativity Now and Achieve Positivity Improving Thoughts. She also wrote the SNNAP IT Rap Song and I Have the Power Rap Song. She has published the Junior Olympic Optional Reference cards for gymnastic judges in the United States.

5. Easy to Work With
Cindy is easy to work with which makes your job easier.

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