What Top Achievers are Saying

“What an absolute joy to meet you today. Thank you for speaking to our group today. Everyone truly seemed to liven up and enjoy your motivation. Thanks again and good luck!”

-Cherri Coombs
Jacksonville Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors

“Do you know I think for the first time in the three years that I have been in this association I actually saw this whole room laughing and smiling and standing up. I promised you it would be different to start off the year.”

-Tim McLane
Event Coordinator
Jacksonville Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors

Video Testimonials

“Hi! My name is Darryl Hagar from Portland, Maine and I saw Cindy speak in Los Angeles and she rocked the crowd. She had us all dancing and laughing and she is an incredible speaker. She has a great book and I support her totally. She is awesome. You got to have her.”

-Darryl Hagar, “The Man Overboard”
Portland, Maine

“Cindy this is Michael Shays. I watched you this morning and I just thought you were a natural born speaker. You were so good up there and communicated so well and you were so blessedly cute.”

-Michael Shays
San Francisco, California

“Cindy, your message was so inspiring. Thank you so much. You motivated me and made me feel great. I am ready to go and take the world on because of your message so thank you so much.”

- Annette Pryor Anderson
Cleveland, Ohio

- Katrina Hinken

- Rachel Riley

- Taylor Harbison

Book Testimonials

“There are few people who live their message more than Cindy McLane. She is a proven winner and I’ve watched her strategies turn others into champions as well. If you want to live on a higher level while enjoying success, balance, joy and VICTORY in every area of your life, listen to Cindy!”

-Jonathan Sprinkles
National College Speaker of the Year, APCA
Author, “You Were Born an Original, Don’t Live Like a Copy!”

“SNNAP IT really works! I watched Cindy turn her life around by using these positive affirmations. She is an inspiration to us all!

“You are doing such a great job. Keep it up!!”

-Catherine Batsche, PhD
Associate Dean for Research
University of South Florida

“Oh my goodness... IT WORKED. I tried it today. I really didn’t want to go to gym today, but I knew I had to go. I had a bad day at school and wasn’t looking forward to going to gym. When I got there though I changed my thoughts and had a successful workout. I finished bars, tumbled on pit for the first time in five months, did series on low beam, and did leaps, jumps, and turns on floor all because I changed my thoughts. Thank you so much.”

-Renee Carter
North Florida Gymnastics
Orange Park, Florida

What Gymnastic School Owners Say:

“Hi! I’m Devon Everett, Owner of TNT Gymnastics in Jacksonville, Florida. Cindy McLane came to our gym and introduced the SNNAP IT program. Our girls went to Level 9 Regionals incorporated the SNNAP IT before they did their routines. They were able to stay focused on the positive and make Level 9 Eastern Nationals.”

-Devon Everett
Owner TNT Gymnastics
Jacksonville, Florida

“Hi! I’m Denise Brumsey, Owner of TNT Gymnastics and Fitness and Cindy McLane came to our gym and she introduced the SNNAP IT program to our kids. It was what they needed right before competing at their Level 9 Regional Championship meet. The girls did awesome so way to go SNNAP IT.”

-Denise Brumsey
Owner TNT Gymnastics
Jacksonville, Florida

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